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Prizes that pack serious punch! Fun Express partners with FECs of all sizes, building prize programs that encourage families to stay and play. From grab-and-go toys to cool electronics, we broaden your customer base with prizes at every ticket value. When you succeed, we succeed and everyone wins!

New! - Jackpot Ball Redemption Solution

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Introducing the Fun Express exclusive Jackpot Ball redemption solution. This assortment of four jumbo Jackpot Balls with removable individual barcodes will substantially increase your revenues for cranes by driving more traffic and doubling the guest prize.

Guests get to keep the ball and ticket value, which ranges from 1,000 – 10,000 tickets.

When a guest wins a Jackpot Ball from a jumbo crane, they simply take the ball to the prize counter, the counter attendant scans the barcode, and then removes it from the ball.

The attendant then hands the ball back to the guest to keep, as well as the tickets they won from the ball.

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NEW Back Wall Toys

NEW Back Wall Blister Toy Collection

Attention-grabbing. Head-turning.

Toys that practically scream, “WIN ME!”

Announcing our NEW Back Wall Blister Toy Collection.

Individually packaged prizes that POP off your back wall and demand going home with winners today!

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Lae Phonephakdy
Business Development Representative
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Steve Loberg
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