Friendlies - Waldo the Koala - Less Than Perfect

LESS THAN PERFECT: I am less than perfect because the batteries that are included don't work. Replace these batteries with a some of your own, and I'll makes noises and move around as described.

Waldo the koala is an interactive and movable toy that will hang out on a kid's finger! It makes the perfect gift and prize for kids and includes a clip for them to put it on a keychain, backpack or on a belt loop so they can take it wherever they go. They just need to put their finger through the arms and legs and it will cling and make noises and move around! This toy comes with blister card packaging, so it will complement any redemption or retail programs.

• Material: Plastic.
• Size: 4" Card, 5 1/2" x 9".
• Retail-Ready
• Batteries included.

UPC: 192073280523