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  • Value Fidget Spinners
    Value Fidget Spinners

    These boredom-busters are great for alleviating stress and anxiety. Perfect for gifts, rewards and prizes.• Assorted.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 3"• Recommended for ages 7 years old and up.

  • Halloween Tabletop Sign
    Halloween Tabletop Sign

    With a witch flying through the air, a creepy fence and tree and a Halloween poem, this sign is the perfect, haunting addition to Halloween decorating supplies.• Material: Wood.• Size: 12" x 12"• FX Exclusive

  • Oktoberfest Tumblers
    Oktoberfest Tumblers

    A fun addition to party supplies, these glasses are printed with "Prost", making them a must-have for Oktoberfest.• Material: Glass. • (4 pcs./set) • Size: 6" x 3 1/2" diam. 14 oz.• Hand wash only.• FX Exclusive

  • Christmas Plush Emojis
    Christmas Plush Emojis

    These fuzzy little faces with Christmas hats feature a variety of different emojis, including several smiley faces, a frown face and a blowing-a-kiss face. Hand them out to young guests as party favors.• Assorted.• Size: 2 1/4" x 6"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Fast Food Characters
    Plush Fast Food Characters

    Take a bite of big fun with these happy characters. They make great prizes and giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• (3 pcs./unit)• Size: 7" - 7 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Kid’s Surgeon Hat
    Kid’s Surgeon Hat

    This hat, which looks just like a surgical scrub cap, is great for encouraging kids to dream big. Great for kids who dream of being a doctor or veterinarian.• Material: Polyester.• Size: 22" circ.

  • Tabletop Kicking Witch Legs
    Tabletop Kicking Witch Legs

    A great addition to Halloween decorations, the legs on this witch move as though she is stuck and trying to free herself.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 5 3/4" x 7 1/2" x 11" • Requires 3 "AA" batteries, not included.

  • Mermaid Tiaras
    Mermaid Tiaras

    Mermaid princesses will flip for these cute tiaras. They’re fun princess party favors and prizes for guests who like to make a splash.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 6-3/4"• FX Exclusive

  • Happy Anniversary Pennant Garland
    Happy Anniversary Pennant Garland

    Use this anniversary party decoration as a background for photos with the happy couple.• Material: Cardstock.• (2 pcs./set)• Size: 7 1/4" diam. pennants on a 7 ft. garland and on a 9 ft. garland.• FX Exclusive

  • Mardi Gras Tri-Color Derby Hats
    Mardi Gras Tri-Color Derby Hats

    In purple, gold and green, the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, these hats epitomize the spirit of the Fat Tuesday celebration. Hand them out as party favors or toss them from a parade float.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 22" circ.• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Plush Flipping Sequins Chameleon
    Plush Flipping Sequins Chameleon

    A great redemption prize, this chameleon changes colors when the sequins are flipped with a swipe of a hand!• Size: 15"

  • Skeleton & Hand Glasses
    Skeleton & Hand Glasses

    A must-have Halloween party supply. These Skeleton & Hand Glasses add ghoulish glam to any Halloween party or event.• Material: Plastic.• (6 pcs./unit)• Size: 7" 6 oz.

  • Metal Handcuffs with Keys
    Metal Handcuffs with Keys

    These toy handcuffs can be used to accessorize Halloween costumes, or used when kids play detective and police games.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 4"• Cuffs measure 4" and adjust to wrist size.• Each piece, package, box, or poly bag with header bar coded.• Retail-Ready

  • Mardi Gras Deluxe Body Jewels
    Mardi Gras Deluxe Body Jewels

    These temporary tattoos make Mardi Gras shine. Each is shaped like the traditional fleur de lis and makes a fun giveaway at a Fat Tuesday party.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 2" x 1-3/4"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded• (1 pc/Display Card, 12 Display Cards/unit)

  • Disney Princess Tumblers with Straw
    Disney Princess Tumblers with Straw

    This Disney Princess cup makes an excellent prize or gift for a child. Add it to any selection of princess or Disney licensed items.• Material: Plastic.• (6 pcs./unit)• Size: 7 1/2" 16 oz.• © Disney

  • Christmas PJ Stuffed Puppies
    Christmas PJ Stuffed Puppies

    Give these plush puppies to kids as a pre-Christmas gift as they wait through the longest night ever: Christmas Eve. They make great giveaways and stocking-stuffers.• Size: 10"• FX Exclusive

  • Jumbo Mardi Gras Beads
    Jumbo Mardi Gras Beads

    The king of all Mardi Gras beads, ideal for masquerade party favors and costume ball giveaways.• Material: Plastic.• (1 pc. per Hang Tab Header/6 Hang Tab Headers per unit)• Size: 40" with 6mm - 70mm beads.• Retail-Ready

  • Black Bag of Bone
    Black Bag of Bone

    Decorate a haunted house or a mummy’s tomb with these molded plastic bones. • Material: Plastic.• (28 pcs./set) • Size: 6" - 12"• Includes mesh bag.• Retail-Ready

  • Chick-in-Egg Cups with Lids & Straws
    Chick-in-Egg Cups with Lids & Straws

    Perfect for Easter basket stuffers or farm-themed birthday party favors, these adorable cups are shaped to look like a tiny chick hatching free from an egg.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 4” 14 oz.• FX Exclusive

  • Green Beaded Tie
    Green Beaded Tie

    Great for a novelty tie collection, this bead accessory is a fun addition to Mardi Gras, St. Pat's and Christmas party favors and prizes.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 13" x 24" circ.

  • Plush Day of the Dead Skulls
    Plush Day of the Dead Skulls

    Celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween with these plush sugar skulls. They make wonderful party favors and great redemption-center prizes.• Assorted.• (4 pcs./unit)• Size: 6" x 8 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Christmas Plush Stars
    Christmas Plush Stars

    These Christmas Plush Stars will add holiday cheer to a home, and little ones can play with them with no worries. They're also great as party favors and stocking stuffers.• Assorted.• Size: 6 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Spookadelic Door Curtain
    Spookadelic Door Curtain

    Add this Spookadelic Door Curtain to your selection of haunting Halloween decorations. • Material: Polyester.• Size: 5 ft. x 6 ft.• Imported

  • Plush Heart Key Chains
    Plush Heart Key Chains

    These key chains are sweet, soft party favors perfect for birthdays and Valentine's Day gift exchanges.• Assorted.• Size: 4" x 3 1/4" with a 1" metal key ring.• Retail-Ready

  • Inflatable Rocket in Beach Balls
    Inflatable Rocket in Beach Balls

    A must-have addition to party supplies, these beach balls double as whimsical and unique water toys and party favors.• Material: Vinyl. • Size: Inflated, 11".• FX Exclusive

  • Kid’s Eyeball Hat
    Kid’s Eyeball Hat

    This fun addition to Halloween accessories is sure to draw some eyes!• Material: Felt.• Size: 22" circ.• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Standard Silly String<sup>®</sup>
    Standard Silly String®

    Stock up on several colors of this fun party supply. Perfect for redemption centers and fundraisers.• Assorted.• Size: 9" .3 oz.• Display Box.• Safe and non-toxic.

  • Christmas Stuffed Puppies
    Christmas Stuffed Puppies

    These plush toys make adorable stocking stuffers for dog lovers of all ages.• Size: 6"• FX Exclusive

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Silly String<sup>®</sup>
    Glow-in-the-Dark Silly String®

    Expose this silly string to light and watch it glow. This display case, which includes 12 cans, is great for redemption centers and holiday toy aisles.• Size: 6 3/4" x 1 3/4" diam. .3 oz.• Display Box.• Safe and non-toxic.

  • Mardi Gras Twisted Beads
    Mardi Gras Twisted Beads

    Sparkling classic Mardi Gras beads that make fantastic giveaways at Fat Tuesday parties and promotions.• Material: Plastic.• (1 pc. per Hang Tab Header/12 Hang Tab Headers per unit)• Size: 34" with 6mm beads.• Retail-Ready

  • Silly String<sup>®</sup> Blaster
    Silly String® Blaster

    Gain a little more control over silly string with this blaster, which makes a great addition to redemption center prizes and toy aisles.• Material: Plastic.• (1 pc./Display Card, 6 Display Cards/unit) • Size: 6" x 10"• Silly string not included.

  • St. Patrick's Day Sequin Cowboy Hat
    St. Patrick's Day Sequin Cowboy Hat

    Be a sequin cowboy in this fun St. Patrick's Day party hat. It's perfect for men and women and ideal for a night out on the town.• Material: Tricot.• Size: 22" circ.• Retail-Ready

  • Christmas Stuffed Seals
    Christmas Stuffed Seals

    Perfect for stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for kids, these plush seals are outfitted in a snug Santa hat and festive scarf.• Size: 4"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Square Animal Assortment
    Plush Square Animal Assortment

    A fun assortment of plush animals for prize bins and POP displays. Kids love cozying up to these oh-so soft cuties.• Size: 6"• Retail Ready

  • Christmas Stuffed Eddy Penguins
    Christmas Stuffed Eddy Penguins

    So cute with a wintery scarf with a pattern that's repeated on his ears and feet, this little plush penguin is soft and adorable. He makes a great stocking stuffer and Christmas party favor.• Material: Plush. • Size: 6 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Spookadelic Dress-Up Male Skeleton
    Spookadelic Dress-Up Male Skeleton

    Time and something supernatural has certainly changed this once-classy guy, now a psychedelic skeleton wearing the remains of formal attire. He makes an amazing Day of the Dead decoration or Halloween decoration.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 60"• FX Exclusive

  • Christmas Stuffed Dinosaur
    Christmas Stuffed Dinosaur

    Fluffy and adorable with a red, green and white scarf, this little red plush dino will make a wonderful stocking-stuffer or an early gift to keep kids company while they wait for Santa.• Size: 11"• FX Exclusive

  • Be You Keychains
    Be You Keychains

    A great addition to event giveaways or fundraiser supplies, these keychains carry inspiring messages of inclusivity. • Assorted.• Material: Metal.• Size: 1 1/2" with 1" diam. ring.• FX Exclusive

  • Light-Up Holiday Spin Tops
    Light-Up Holiday Spin Tops

    Cute Christmas stocking stuffers that make entertaining holiday party favors and fun Secret Santa gifts.• Assorted.• (6 pcs./unit)• Material: Plastic.• Size: 2" x 5"• Includes batteries.

  • My Little Pony<sup>® </sup>Take-n-Play Sets
    My Little Pony® Take-n-Play Sets

    These color and play activity boards make fun prizes and rewards for kids.• Material: Paper.• Size: Package, 5 1/4" x 8 1/2".

  • Hand Boiler
    Hand Boiler

    A fun prize perfect for redemption centers. Simply hold the base in the palm of hand and watch the colorful liquid boil!• Material: Glass.• Size: 2" x 2" x 7 1/4"• No color choice available.

  • Silly Santa Bendables
    Silly Santa Bendables

    These bendable toys make a delightful wintertime surprise for holiday party favors or stocking stuffers.• Assorted.• Material: Vinyl. • (2 dozen/unit) • Size: 3 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Butterfly Headbands
    Butterfly Headbands

    These adorable headbands, with green antennae and pink wings, are perfect birthday party favors for little ones who dream of flying free as the pretty butterflies do.• Material: Felt.• Size: 10" x 8" including 5" plastic headbands.

  • Stuffed Christmas Reindeer
    Stuffed Christmas Reindeer

    Give these plush reindeer as stocking stuffers. Get a bunch and hand them out as party favors at a holiday celebration!• Size: 5" x 6"• FX Exclusive

  • Hair Extensions
    Hair Extensions

    Add some bright colors, including pink, blue, yellow and purple, to hair with these extensions to dress up a party outfit.• Assorted.• Material: Synthetic.• Size: 1 1/4" x 18"• Retail-Ready

  • Roller Skating Dino Keychains
    Roller Skating Dino Keychains

    Roll into prehistoric times with these sweet keychains, which make great redemption center offerings and giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Rubber.• Size: 3" with 1" metal key rings.

  • Dippin’ Dots® Ice Cream Lip Covers
    Dippin’ Dots® Ice Cream Lip Covers

    These adorable and tasty lip covers, packaged in itty bitty ice cream tubs, come in a variety of favorite ice cream flavors. Hand them out at a birthday party or use them as redemption center rewards.• Assorted.• Material: Lip cover in plastic container.• (3 dz./unit)• Size: 2" .15 oz.• Retail-Ready

  • Spookadelic Bandanas
    Spookadelic Bandanas

    Send a spook through everyone at the Halloween party with these bandanas, which feature creepy neon skulls and make great Halloween party favors.• Material: Polyester.• Size: 20"• FX Exclusive

  • Christian Plush Pumpkins
    Christian Plush Pumpkins

    These Christian Plush Pumpkins make fantastic alternatives to candy at trunk-or-treat, church carnivals and Sunday School Halloween celebrations.• Plush• Size: 4" x 5"• 12 pcs./unit

  • Merry Christmas Fedoras
    Merry Christmas Fedoras

    Bright Christmas red with a snowflake-laden band that says "Merry Christmas", these hats are great holiday giveaways and accessories.• Material: Plastic.• 22" circ.• FX Exclusive

  • Be You Journals
    Be You Journals

    These inspiring Be You Journals are perfect for event and awareness giveaways.• Assorted colors & designs.• Material: Paper.• Size: 6" x 8" 60 lined pages.• 12 pcs./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Nordic Noel Christmas Pennant Banner
    Nordic Noel Christmas Pennant Banner

    A festive and frosty addition to party decorations, this Nordic banner features fun images of snowmen, Santa Claus and Christmas trees.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 100-ft. banner with 12 x 18" pennants.• Includes 56 pennants.• FX Exclusive

  • Neon Green Halloween Skeleton Chihuahua
    Neon Green Halloween Skeleton Chihuahua

    This Neon Green Halloween Skeleton Chihuahua is a chilling yet cute addition to Halloween party decorations. • Material: Plastic. • Size: 9" x 11 1/2"• 1 pc./unit

  • Happy Anniversary Tabletop Fountain
    Happy Anniversary Tabletop Fountain

    Add this fountain to anniversary decorations for an eye-catching accent that will bring any table to life. • Material: Foil.• Size: 18" • Includes a 4" plastic base.• Simple assembly required.• FX Exclusive

  • Snowflake Foil Burst Hanging Décor
    Snowflake Foil Burst Hanging Décor

    With foil bursts and snowflake cutouts, this Snowflake Foil Burst Hanging Decoration will be a winter favorite.• Material: Foil.• Size: 5 1/2" x 92"• 1 pc./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Football Sayings Can Covers
    Football Sayings Can Covers

    Perfect for party favors, these Football Sayings Can Covers feature a myriad of fun football sayings.• Assorted designs & colors.• Material: Foam. • Size: 4 3/4" • Fits a 12-oz. soda can.• 12 pcs./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Pink Ribbon Ceramic Mug
    Pink Ribbon Ceramic Mug

    This Pink Ribbon Ceramic Mug is a wonderful giveaway during a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.• Ceramic• Size: 4" 10 oz.• 1 pc./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Psychedelic Print Mini Bubble Bottles
    Psychedelic Print Mini Bubble Bottles

    A fun addition to psychedelic party supplies, these bubble bottles are printed with an eye-catching pattern of tie-dye colors. • Assorted.• Material: Plastic.• (2 dz./unit)• Size: 2"• Includes 1-oz. bottles of bubbles with attached wand.• FX Exclusive

  • Mini Notebooks with Key Ring and Pens
    Mini Notebooks with Key Ring and Pens

    Fresh and fun prizes for tweens, kids and the young at heart. The mini notebooks capture a youthful spirit with inspirational and casual sayings on their covers. Each set is in a self-adhesive bag - perfect for prize bins and POP displays.• Assorted. • Material: Paper.• (2 pcs./set, 12 sets. per Poly Bag) • Size: 2 1/2" x 3"• Includes 2 1/2" attached pen.• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Large Blue Tote Bags
    Large Blue Tote Bags

    These totes are great as oversized party favor bags and can be reused to carry groceries, books and much more.• Material: Nonwoven polyester.• Size: 15" x 17" with 11" handles.

  • Plush Eyeballs
    Plush Eyeballs

    Fun to throw around, these Plush Eyeballs make great Halloween party favors. • Assorted.• Size: 4"• FX Exclusive

  • Toy Mermaids
    Toy Mermaids

    Make waves with these fun mermaid toys. Kids will love brushing their mermaids hair with the enclosed combs. A fun prize or mermaid party favor, these under the sea treasures are mer-mazing.• Package Size: Blister Card, 6" x 10"• Material: Plastic.• Size: Includes three 5 1/2" mermaids, three 2" brushes and two 4 3/4" seaweed plants.• Retail-Ready.• Each Piece Bar Coded.• (8 pcs/Blister Card/6 Blister Cards/unit)

  • Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses
    Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses

    Great as a wedding gift or as wedding reception supplies, these Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Wine Glasses will give everyone a giggle.• Material: Glass.• 2 pcs./set• Size: 9" x 3 1/4" diam. 14. oz.

  • Be You Sunglasses
    Be You Sunglasses

    Hand these sunglasses out in the classroom or include them in a good-behavior rewards chest.• Assorted.• Material: Plastic.• Size: 5 1/2" x 2 1/4" with 5" ear pieces.• FX Exclusive