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  • Plush Inside Out Fish
    Plush Inside Out Fish

    Get a look at the basic bone structure of a fish on one side of this Plush Inside Out Fish. The other side is blue with shiny silver spots. This cuddly water lover makes a great redemption center prize and addition to stuffed animal toys.• Material: Plush.• Size: 27"• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Small Grumpy Cat<sup>®</sup>
    Plush Small Grumpy Cat®

    Who wouldn't want their own Grumpy Cat, the star of internet memes and the most viral of felines? This adorably peeved stuffed cat is a great addition to redemption center offerings. • Size: 7"• No style choice available.• All licensed products intended for amusement distribution only.• © Toy Factory, LLC

  • Inflatable Dog Assortment
    Inflatable Dog Assortment

    Fun, playful and downright paw-some, this Inflatable Dog Assortment makes for great gifts, party favors or decorations for a child's room. • Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 19" x 7 1/2" x 16". • Assortment may vary.• FX Exclusive

  • Spotted Rainbow Ball
    Spotted Rainbow Ball

    This Spotted Rainbow Ball is fun for indoor or outdoor active play. Who’s up for a friendly game of dodgeball?• Material: Vinyl.• Multicolor• 6 pcs./unit, 24 pcs./case• Size: Inflated, 8".

  • Light-Up Santa Puffers
    Light-Up Santa Puffers

    Unique Christmas party favors and prize giveaways.• Material: Vinyl.• 1 pc./Hang Tag Header• Size: 2 3/4"• Batteries Included

  • Plush Monsters
    Plush Monsters

    These silly-faced, colorful plush monsters are far from scary.Plush2 1/4" - 4"Assorted colorsFX ExclusiveRetail Ready12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Mini Stuffed Dolphins
    Mini Stuffed Dolphins

    Kids will dive into fun with these plush dolphin toys.Plush 5 1/2"Neon colorsRetail ReadyEach piece bar coded12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Smile Face Plush Bouncing Balls
    Smile Face Plush Bouncing Balls

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded.Assorted styles. Each piece bar coded. 2 1/2" (64mm) FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Stick Horse
    Inflatable Stick Horse

    Use this Inflatable Stick Horse as a Western decoration or as part of a party game. • Vinyl• Inflated, 37".• Brown with red stick• Recommended for ages 3+• FX Exclusive• Retail Ready• 1 pc./PBH• 1 pc per unit• 72 units per case

  • Camouflage Stuffed Dogs
    Camouflage Stuffed Dogs

    These plush puppies are cute, colorful gifts for dog lovers.• Assorted.• Material: Plush. • Size: 4 1/2"

  • Stuffed Cuddling Bear
    Stuffed Cuddling Bear

    With a festive red bow, this stuffed teddy bear can be a part of Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: Seated, 8 3/4".• Retail-Ready

  • Plush Floppy Dogs
    Plush Floppy Dogs

    Perky pooches perfect for dog lovers.• Assorted. • Size: 4" • FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Cool Dude Spike Balls
    Vinyl Cool Dude Spike Balls

    These Cool Dude Spike Balls are fun to toss or kick around.Vinyl inflates to 5"Assorted colors Spike balls come deflatedFX Exclusive12 pcs per unit18 units per case

  • Plush Pineapple Characters
    Plush Pineapple Characters

    Plush pineapples make the perfect addition to summer toys and luau party favors.• Size: 7"• FX Exclusive

  • Rabbit Jumping Games
    Rabbit Jumping Games

    A fun kids' game that keeps the little ones entertained at parties, these jumping rabbits are fantastic prizes at carnivals and make quick and easy party favors.• Material: Plastic.• Package Size: Blister Card, 5" x 8"• Size: Bowl, 4"; rabbits, 1-3/4".• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded• (7 pcs/Blister Card, 6 Blister Cards/unit)

  • Light-Up Bears
    Light-Up Bears

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Vinyl. Assorted colors. Includes a flashing light inside. 2 3/4" Batteries included.

  • Inflatable Rainbow Basketballs
    Inflatable Rainbow Basketballs

    Rubber. Inflated, 9". (3 pc/unit)

  • Rocket Footballs
    Rocket Footballs

    Foam. (6 pc / unit) 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"

  • Navy Rubber Duckies
    Navy Rubber Duckies

    Assorted. Vinyl. 2" Duckies do not float upright. FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed Bears in a Football Jersey
    Stuffed Bears in a Football Jersey

    These football bears make great party favors for football theme celebrations or gameday giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Rainy Day Stuffed Pigs
    Rainy Day Stuffed Pigs

    A fun addition to kids’ stuffed animals, these plush pigs are sure to turn any rainy day into a celebration. • Material: Plush. • Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Zoo Animal Squirts
    Zoo Animal Squirts

    Assorted. Vinyl. 2 1/2" FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Spike Balls - 5
    Vinyl Spike Balls - 5"

    Assorted colors. 5" inflated. Comes deflated.

  • Light-Up Spike Footballs
    Light-Up Spike Footballs

    Fun party favors at a game day celebration or giveaways during a football theme promotion.• Assorted.• Material: Rubber.• Size: 3" x 2"• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Giant Inflatable Unicorn
    Giant Inflatable Unicorn

    This mystical Giant Inflatable Unicorn will add a sprinkle of magic to birthday party decorations, prizes and playtime.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 1 ft. x 44" x 4 ft.• Not a flotation device• FX Exclusive

  • Valentine Long Arm Stuffed Dogs
    Valentine Long Arm Stuffed Dogs

    These stuffed animals are wonderful for dog lovers. Great for Valentine's Day party favor bags, they also make nice gifts for students from teachers.• Assorted.• Includes touch fastener hands. • Size: 11"• FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Smooth Glitter Balls
    Inflatable Smooth Glitter Balls

    Assorted. Inflates to approx. 3".

  • Giant Inflatable Gorilla
    Giant Inflatable Gorilla

    A great prize at a school carnival or fair!• Material: Vinyl. • Size: Inflated, 3 ft. • White box with colored label.• FX Exclusive

  • Farm Animal Squirts
    Farm Animal Squirts

    Assorted. Vinyl. 2 1/2" FX Exclusive

  • Mini Stuffed Animal Assortment
    Mini Stuffed Animal Assortment

    These plush animal toys make excellent favors for a jungle-themed birthday bash or backyard safari party.Plush4"Assorted colorsAssortment may varyIncludes monkeys, tigers, puppy dogs, kitty cats, bunny rabbits and more.Retail Ready50 pcs per unit8 units per case

  • Plush Crazy Birds
    Plush Crazy Birds

    These cute but crazy birds will be a favorite prize at your next carnival or party. Plush4"MulticolorFX ExclusiveRetail ReadyEach piece bar coded12 pcs per unit20 units per case

  • Inflatable Rainbow Playground Ball
    Inflatable Rainbow Playground Ball

    Make games extra fun for kids with this inflatable playground ball. These outdoor toys make captivating gifts for kids.• Material: Rubber. • (6 pcs./unit)• Size: 8 1/2"• Comes deflated.• FX Exclusive

  • Hairball Plush Characters
    Hairball Plush Characters

    These Hairball Plush Characters are looking to share the fun at your next party.Plush4"Bright orange, blue, green, and purple colorsAssorted stylesFX ExclusiveRetail ReadyEach piece bar coded12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Stuffed Dogs with Heart
    Stuffed Dogs with Heart

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. These doggone cute pups are a must-have addition to Valentine's Day giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4"

  • Plush Pug Dogs
    Plush Pug Dogs

    Kids will love to collect these soft pug faces. Great for prizes or rewards.• Assorted.• Size: 5 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Squishy Caterpillars PDQ
    Squishy Caterpillars PDQ

    Kids love these colorful and unique toys, which are perfect for front counter displays.• Assorted• Vinyl Caterpillars 6"• PDQ 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 7" (2 1/2" front)• 18 pcs per PDQ• 6 PDQ per case

  • Two-Tone Spike Ball Yo-Yos with Eyes
    Two-Tone Spike Ball Yo-Yos with Eyes

    Crazy creatures perfect for party favors, prizes, school carnivals and playtime games. Kids love the squishy feel of these bright Two-Tone Spike Ball Yo-Yos.• Assorted.• Material: Vinyl.• (1 dz./DB)• Size: Each 3 1/2" ball is on a 3" cord.• Adult supervision required.• Retail-Ready

  • Large Inflatable Mallets
    Large Inflatable Mallets

    Pre-printed with “BAM!”, “POW!” and “BOOM!”(6 pcs./unit) Inflated, 17" x 27". FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Inflatable Barbell
    Vinyl Inflatable Barbell

    Great feats of strength are easy with this Inflatable Barbell.• Material: Vinyl.• Inflated, approx. 52".• Retail Ready• (1 pc./PBH)• (1 pc./unit, 72 units/case)• FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Sword
    Inflatable Sword

    Inflates to approx. 44". FX Exclusive

  • Silly Face Stuffed Cats
    Silly Face Stuffed Cats

    Cuddly plush toys make fun party favors, prizes and gifts for children.• Assorted.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Inflatable Mini Spring Brights Beach Balls
    Vinyl Inflatable Mini Spring Brights Beach Balls

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. The perfect additions to spring and summer toys, these beach balls are great to use in the pool, out of the pool, indoors or out.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 5".• FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Banjo
    Inflatable Banjo

    Blow up these inflatable toys for the ultimate party decorations or let little rockers take one home for the perfect party favors.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 9 1/2" x 37".• No color choice available.

  • Pink Ninja Plush
    Pink Ninja Plush

    (6 pcs./unit) 11"

  • Inflatable Ninja Shield
    Inflatable Ninja Shield

    Assorted. 15" FX Exclusive

  • Plush Donuts
    Plush Donuts

    A must-have addition to birthday favors for foodies, these stuffed donuts can be sprinkled around the party space or in goody bags.• Assorted.• Size: 5"

  • Realistic Basketball Stress Balls
    Realistic Basketball Stress Balls

    Squeeze these realistic 2 1/2" foam Basketball Stress Balls for sports themed parties.• Foam• 2 1/2"• 12 pcs./unit

  • Plush Sharks
    Plush Sharks

    These Plush Sharks come in a variety of colors.Plush5"Assorted colorsRetail Ready12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Vinyl Inflatable Pirate Sword
    Vinyl Inflatable Pirate Sword

    These fun pirate swords are perfect for a pirate party and kids' plays. These kids' toys can also be given as party favors.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 17"• Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded.• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Crayons
    Inflatable Crayons

    Give your art party a dash of color with these large inflatable crayons.• Plastic• Includes red, green, and blue inflatable crayons.• Inflates to 2 ft.• 12 pcs./unit

  • Jumbo Inflatable Neon Zebra Print Microphones
    Jumbo Inflatable Neon Zebra Print Microphones

    Be the star of the show with this jumbo sized Zebra Print Microphones.VinylInflates to 8" x 39"Neon coloredNot a flotation deviceFX ExclusiveRetail Ready6 pcs per unit8 units per case

  • Inflatable Giant Volleyball
    Inflatable Giant Volleyball

    These inflatable kids' toys make fun party supplies for a sports birthday party or event.• (1 pc./Poly Bag Header) • Size: Inflated, 30"• Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded.• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Blue Buddy Ball
    Vinyl Blue Buddy Ball

    A fun prize and gift for kids, this Inflatable Blue Buddy Ball is a popular pick for everyday fun.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: 37"

  • Cowboy Stuffed Horses
    Cowboy Stuffed Horses

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Assorted styles. Each piece bar coded. Plush. 4 1/2"

  • Plush Croaking Frog
    Plush Croaking Frog

    These Plush Croaking Frogs are fun for kids and adults alike.• Plush• Multicolor• 14"• 1 pc./unit

  • Holiday Stuffed Bears
    Holiday Stuffed Bears

    Get ready for holiday stocking stuffers with these cheerful bears.• Assorted. • Material: Plush.• Size: 5 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Vinyl Large Pom-Pom Ball
    Vinyl Large Pom-Pom Ball

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Vinyl Large Pom-Pom Ball. Includes a finger loop. (1 pc./DB) 8" No color choice available.

  • Spotted Neon Stuffed Frogs
    Spotted Neon Stuffed Frogs

    Give these plush animals as cute party favors at themed birthday parties.• Assorted. • Material: Plush.• Size: 4"

  • Ninja Stars
    Ninja Stars

    Ninja stars are favorite toys for both boys and girls. Little warriors love these safe playthings that make fantastic party favors and prizes at ninja events.• Assorted.• Material: Foam.• (2 dz./unit)• Size: 4"

  • Vinyl Puffer Balls with Eyes
    Vinyl Puffer Balls with Eyes

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Vinyl Puffer Balls With Eyes. Assorted colors. (1 dz./DB) 4"

  • Inflatable Red Guitar
    Inflatable Red Guitar

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Inflatable Red Guitar. (1 pc./PBH) Inflated, 39".

  • Foam DC Comics Balls
    Foam DC Comics Balls

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header barcoded.Assorted. (50 pcs./unit) 2"

  • Inflatable Small V Guitars
    Inflatable Small V Guitars

    Aspiring little rock stars will have a ball playing with this cool inflatable guitar. These toy guitars will make kid's birthday party extra fun.• Assorted.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 23"• FX Exclusive

  • Large Inflatable Emoji Balls - 18
    Large Inflatable Emoji Balls - 18"

    These Large Inflatable Emoji Balls pack a lot of character! Great for prizes, fundraising rewards and so much more!• Assorted designs.• Material: Vinyl.• 6 pcs./unit• Size: Inflated, 18".