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Birthday Party Supplies (5 total)

  • Grey Jelly Beans
    Grey Jelly Beans

    Perfect for wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday gatherings and so much more, these chewy sweets will keep everyone's sweet tooth satisfied.• Mixed fruit flavor.• (Approx. 750 pcs./unit)• Total wt., 2 lbs.• Fat-free.• Ingredient, nutrition, allergen and other product information are provided on our Web and Mobile sites for reference purpose only, without warranty or representation as to accuracy. Manufacturers adjust their labeling regularly and are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information. For general questions concerning these items, please contact our customer service at 800-875-8494.

  • Personalized Birthday Present Swirl Pops
    Personalized Birthday Present Swirl Pops

    Each 1 1/2" cherry-flavored swirl pop is on a 4" plastic stick. Personalize with 1 line of 12 characters/spaces. Individually wrapped. (2 dz./unit; total weight 14 oz.) Fat-free. Simple assembly required. FX Exclusive

  • Elephant Character Lollipops
    Elephant Character Lollipops

    Luscious lollipops that are adorable aditions to party favor bags at zoos, carnivals and birthday parties.• 2" suckers on 4" plastic sticks.• Cherry flavor. • Total wt., 7 oz. • Individually wrapped. • Fat-free. • FX Exclusive

  • Ninja Character Suckers
    Ninja Character Suckers

    Ninja Character Suckers. Assorted colors. Each 1 3/4" cherry-flavored sucker comes on a 4" plastic stick. Individually wrapped. FX Exclusive

  • Personalized Red Chevron Swirl Pops
    Personalized Red Chevron Swirl Pops

    Personalize with 2 lines of 22 characters/spaces per line. Each 2" cherry-flavored pop comes on a 4" plastic stick. Individually wrapped. (2 dz./unit) Fat-free. Simple assembly required. Total wt., 14 oz. FX Exclusive