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  • Plush Beakers
    Plush Beakers

    Give these cute plush beakers away to STEM students who have found the recipe for success in the classroom. Great as classroom rewards and toys for a science center.• Assorted.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Squishmallows™ Plush Peter the Pig & Connor the Cow
    Squishmallows™ Plush Peter the Pig & Connor the Cow

    They'll love cuddling up to these squishy pals! Put them in cranes or have them play to earn!• (2 pcs./unit)• Size: 8"

  • Stuffed Skeleton Fish
    Stuffed Skeleton Fish

    Awesome Day of the Dead and Halloween giveaways, these plush fish show off the bone structure inside the super swimmers and look kinda creepy at the same time. Hand them out to Halloween trick-or-treaters instead of candy or put them in Halloween goodie bags.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 5 1/2"

  • Plush Giant Long-Arm Sloth
    Plush Giant Long-Arm Sloth

    Who needs a hug? This Plush Giant Long-Arm Sloth is the perfect stuffed animal, with super-soft fur and long enough arms to give any child a hug. He makes a great addition to redemption center offerings and will sell fast in stuffed animal toy aisles.• Material: Plush.• Size: 22"; hanging, 45".• Retail-Ready

  • Plush Elephant
    Plush Elephant

    This adorable stuffed animal elephant makes the perfect prize!• Size: 9"• Retail-Ready

  • Valentine’s Day Stuffed Hedgehogs
    Valentine’s Day Stuffed Hedgehogs

    Include these cute plush animals in a Valentine's Day candy and flowers display for a sweetheart or pass them out as sugar-free valentines to friends, classmates and family.• Assorted.• Size: 4"

  • White Stuffed Caticorn
    White Stuffed Caticorn

    A unicorn mixed with a cat? What a perfect prize for kids!• Material: Plush.• Size: 16"

  • Inside Out Stuffed Fish - Small
    Inside Out Stuffed Fish - Small

    Make prize selection go swimmingly with this fun Plush Inside Out Fish, which is a great addition to toy bins, prize offerings and redemption centers.• Material: Plush.• Size: 12"• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • 1st Birthday Party Zoo Stuffed Animals
    1st Birthday Party Zoo Stuffed Animals

    Hand out these little plush animals, including an elephant, rhino, giraffe, lion, flamingo and zebra, as party favors at a wee one's first birthday party.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Super Unicorn
    Plush Super Unicorn

    This cute, caped and cuddly Super Unicorn is a great redemption center offering or carnival prize.• Material: Plush.• Size: 14"• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed French Bulldogs
    Stuffed French Bulldogs

    Include these adorable little plush pups in party favor bags at a kid's birthday party with a dog or animal theme.• Assorted.• Plush.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Roly-Poly Mythical Stuffed Horses
    Roly-Poly Mythical Stuffed Horses

    With unicorn, pegasus and horse designs, this plush mythical horse set is great for party favors for the most imaginative of dreamers.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4"• FX Exclusive

  • Inside Out Stuffed Fish - Large
    Inside Out Stuffed Fish - Large

    Get a look at the basic bone structure of a fish on one side of this Plush Inside Out Fish. The other side is blue with shiny silver spots. This cuddly water lover makes a great redemption center prize and addition to stuffed animal toys.• Material: Plush.• Size: 27"• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Valentine’s Day Plush Pizza Slices with Cards
    Valentine’s Day Plush Pizza Slices with Cards

    Hand these adorable slices with cards that say "You Have A Pizza My Heart!" to classmates with valentines in place of candy.• Includes To/From cardstock cards.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Nursery Rhyme Storytelling Puppets
    Nursery Rhyme Storytelling Puppets

    A visual way to tell 8 classic nursery rhymes, these must-have mini puppets are the perfect addition to early learning resources.• Material: Felt.• (34 pcs./set)• Size: 1 1/2" - 5 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 4 1/2"• For use with our Storyteller Glove (13773048), sold separately.• FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed Animal Snugglers
    Stuffed Animal Snugglers

    These bright plush snugglers are great for prizes, giveaways, stocking stuffers and more!• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 7"

  • Plush Lenny the Lizard - Large
    Plush Lenny the Lizard - Large

    This super-sized lizard will look great in any plush collection.• Size: 40"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Funny Filter Stuffed Animals
    Funny Filter Stuffed Animals

    The silly social media photo filters they know and love are represented with these fun plush prizes!• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• (4 pcs./unit)• Size: 12"

  • Plush Rockets
    Plush Rockets

    These colorful rockets are great additions to space toys, prizes and beyond!• Assorted.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Jumbo Plush Cuddle Bears
    Jumbo Plush Cuddle Bears

    They'll love to cuddle up to this jumbo-sized stuffed bear. A great prize for a top earner.• Assorted colors - dark brown and light brown.• 2 pcs./case• Size: 44"

  • Plush Justice League Big Head
    Plush Justice League Big Head

    They’ll want to collect them all! These Justice League™ Plush items make a great addition to crane machines and prize displays.• Size: 10"• No style choice available.• All licensed items are intended for redemption use only.• © DC Comics

  • Lenny the Stuffed Lizard - Small
    Lenny the Stuffed Lizard - Small

    This colorful lizard looks perfect on any prize display.• Material: Plush.• Size: 20"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Stuffed Seahorses
    Stuffed Seahorses

    Bright and colorful, these plush seahorses will make a splash in your plush assortment for gifts, giveaways or prizes!• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 9"

  • Plush Ferdinand<sup>™</sup> Characters
    Plush Ferdinand Characters

    There’s no mistaking these adorable Ferdinand plush animals for scary beasts. Kids love them as much as they do the characters on the big screen. They make a popular addition to redemption center prizes.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 6" - 9"• No style choice available.• Intended for amusement/redemption distribution only.

  • Plush Lenny the Lizard - Medium
    Plush Lenny the Lizard - Medium

    Grab onto this lizard for a fun prize or gift for a kid.• Size: 27 1/2"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Rainbow Plush Emoji Poop
    Rainbow Plush Emoji Poop

    Use these little emoji characters as party favors to make guests giggle.• Assorted.• Size: 4 1/2"

  • Plush Ice Cream Cones
    Plush Ice Cream Cones

    These plush ice cream cones, which come in several colors, make great party favors for an ice cream social and they're perfect for make-believe ice cream stands.• Assorted.• Size: 9"

  • Squishmallows™ Plush Simon the Sloth & Hans the Hedgehog - Small
    Squishmallows™ Plush Simon the Sloth & Hans the Hedgehog - Small

    These super soft plush pals make the perfect prize and a kid's new favorite buddy!• (2 pcs./unit)• Size: 8"

  • Holding Kittens Stuffed Cats
    Holding Kittens Stuffed Cats

    The cuteness of these cats is simply bursting with these feline parent and child duos. These plush cats and kittens make great gifts, giveaways and party favors for little ones who love kitty-cats.• Assorted.• Material: Plush. • Size: 6"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Pegasus
    Plush Pegasus

    This magical creature sure looks good as a prize or reward! Great for fundraisers and redemption centers.• Size: 21 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Plush Unicorn Emoji
    Plush Unicorn Emoji

    This magical unicorn emoji will look nice with your entire selection of emoji items! Great for gifts and prizes.• Size: 12"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Squishmallows™ Plush Ace & Astrid the Unicorns - Small
    Squishmallows™ Plush Ace & Astrid the Unicorns - Small

    These squishy pals are perfect prizes for little ones. With unicorns and squishies trending, get your hands on these hot prizes.• (2 pcs./unit)• Size: 8"

  • Mini Pet Shop Stuffed Animal Assortment
    Mini Pet Shop Stuffed Animal Assortment

    This assortment of plush animals is sure to get kids' tails wagging when added to birthday party favors or daycare toys and games. • Material: Plush. • (50 pcs./unit) • Size: 4"• Assortment may vary.• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Small Grumpy Cat<sup>®</sup>
    Plush Small Grumpy Cat®

    Who wouldn't want their own Grumpy Cat, the star of internet memes and the most viral of felines? This adorably peeved stuffed cat is a great addition to redemption center offerings. • Size: 7"• No style choice available.• All licensed products intended for amusement distribution only.• © Toy Factory, LLC

  • Plush Pac-Man™
    Plush Pac-Man™

    Pac-Man™ plush toys they'll love to squeeze! Perfect as prizes.• Size: 7"• No Style Choice Available.• All licensed products intended for amusement distribution only.

  • Plush Cuddle Animal Mom with Baby
    Plush Cuddle Animal Mom with Baby

    These adorable stuffed animals make fun prizes and rewards!• Size: 36"• No style choice available.

  • Plush Mini Glitter Animals
    Plush Mini Glitter Animals

    These Plush Glitter Animals are a great addition to birthday parties, prizes, rewards, classroom parties and more. • Assorted.• Size: 3"

  • Plush Justice League™ Big Heads - Case
    Plush Justice League™ Big Heads - Case

    Add this large assortment of Justice League™ plush to your redemption displays and crane machines.• (4 dz./case)• Size: 10"• No style choice available.• Licensed items are intended for amusement and redemption purposes only.• © DC Comics

  • Pillow Chums<sup>®</sup>
    Pillow Chums®

    These adorable stuffed animals transform from pillows to cuddle pals! Perfect as prizes and gifts.• Size: 9 1/2"• No style choice available.

  • Plush Under the Sea Hand Puppets
    Plush Under the Sea Hand Puppets

    Make up a story and put on a puppet show with great white sharks, killer whales, sea turtles, octopuses, lobsters and clownfish.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 8 1/4"• FX Exclusive

  • Woodland Stuffed Assortment
    Woodland Stuffed Assortment

    The moose, wolf, bear and deer plush characters are always ready to frolic and play in the pretend woods.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Roly-Poly Safari Stuffed Animals
    Roly-Poly Safari Stuffed Animals

    These soft, plush animals make perfect playthings for little ones, who will love making up their own safari or zoo stories. They also make great party favors and Easter basket fillers.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Five Nights at Freddy’s<sup>™</sup> Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Characters
    Plush Five Nights at Freddy’s Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Characters

    Get scared with plush versions of the animatronic characters from Five Nights at Freddy's. A great addition to redemption center offerings.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 6"• No style choice available.• Intended for amusement/redemption distribution only.

  • Plush Marvel™ Wedge Head
    Plush Marvel™ Wedge Head

    From Iron Man to The Hulk, these super soft superheroes make a super addition to offerings for prizes.• Size: 10" • No style choice available.

  • Rainbow Stuffed Animals
    Rainbow Stuffed Animals

    Perfect picks for party favors, these plush animals come dressed in vibrant rainbow colors.• Assorted.• Material: Plush. • Size: 4"

  • Plush Unicorn Hand Puppets
    Plush Unicorn Hand Puppets

    Great party favors and giveaways. Create a world of magic and whimsy with these soft little puppets.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 8 1/4"

  • Two-Tone Sequin Stuffed Dragons
    Two-Tone Sequin Stuffed Dragons

    Great for prizes and rewards, these colorful dragons feature two-tone sequins that change color with a swipe of the hand!• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• (3 pcs./unit)• Size: 14"• Retail-Ready

  • Fuzzy Stuffed Hedgehogs
    Fuzzy Stuffed Hedgehogs

    These little plush hedgehogs make awesome additions to a stuffed animal collection, a redemption center's prize offerings and more.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 3 1/2" diam.

  • Yarn Hair Plush Dolls
    Yarn Hair Plush Dolls

    These diverse dolls make great slumber party favors, and little ones will love putting them on their pillow when they make their bed every morning.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• (4 pcs./unit)• Size: 12"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Square Animal Assortment
    Plush Square Animal Assortment

    A fun assortment of plush animals for prize bins and POP displays. Kids love cozying up to these oh-so soft cuties.• Size: 6"• Retail Ready

  • Plush Fast Food Characters
    Plush Fast Food Characters

    Take a bite of big fun with these happy characters. They make great prizes and giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• (3 pcs./unit)• Size: 7" - 7 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Lumberjack Stuffed Bears
    Lumberjack Stuffed Bears

    Kids love cozy party favors like these Plush Lumberjack Bears. They make cute door prizes, classroom rewards and more during winter months, Christmas parties and any special occasion. • Size: 4"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Flipping Sequins Chameleon
    Plush Flipping Sequins Chameleon

    A great redemption prize, this chameleon changes colors when the sequins are flipped with a swipe of a hand!• Size: 15"

  • Pirate Stuffed Bears
    Pirate Stuffed Bears

    Swash-buckling party favors! Each pirate bear has an embroidered skull and crossbones, ribbon bow, eyepatch and hat. • Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4 1/2”• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed Animal Finger Puppets
    Stuffed Animal Finger Puppets

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Plush Animal Finger Puppets. Assorted styles. Each piece bar coded. 3"

  • See, Hear, Speak No Evil Monkeys
    See, Hear, Speak No Evil Monkeys

    Nifty neon toy monkey that's a classic take on the old phrase. Makes a fun door prize or giveaway for a younger child.• Size: 15"• No style choice available.• All licensed products intended for amusement distribution only.

  • Neon Stuffed Monkeys
    Neon Stuffed Monkeys

    Guests will go bananas for these Plush Neon Monkeys. • Plush • 6" • Neon colored • FX Exclusive • Retail Ready • 12 pcs per unit • 24 units per case

  • Stuffed Ninja Girls
    Stuffed Ninja Girls

    These Stuffed Ninja Girls are perfect plush gifts for any ninja-themed event.• Multicolor• 5"• 12 pcs./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Sharks
    Plush Sharks

    These Plush Sharks come in a variety of colors. • Plush • 5" • Assorted colors • Retail Ready • 12 pcs per unit • 24 units per case

  • Bright Stuffed Puppy Pals
    Bright Stuffed Puppy Pals

    Adorable and affordable, these cute pups are a must-have addition to offerings for party favors and giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4"

  • Plush Weiner Dog
    Plush Weiner Dog

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. (6 pcs./unit) 12"

  • Stuffed Unicorns
    Stuffed Unicorns

    Perfect for birthday party favors and giveaways, these smiling plush unicorns come decked out with bright pink manes and turquoise tails.• Material: Plush.• Material: 4 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Valentine Long Arm Stuffed Animals
    Valentine Long Arm Stuffed Animals

    Give these long arm stuffed animals as Valentine's Day gifts or display them as party decorations.• Assorted.• Size: 11"• Arm span: 13 1/2"• Includes touch fastener hands.• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Shark in Board Shorts
    Plush Shark in Board Shorts

    He makes a great gift for kids heading to the beach in the summer.• Size: 2 1/2" x 4" x 10"