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Crane Kits (8 total)

  • Bulk Pixy Stix<sup>®</sup>
    Bulk Pixy Stix®

    Pass out these Pixy Stix® candy straws at your next “pixie” party!Candy6 1/4"Assorted colorsAssorted flavorsFat freeFX ExclusiveApprox. 144 pcs/unit18 units per case

  • Candy-Filled Straws
    Candy-Filled Straws

    These Candy Filled Straws are a fun treat for birthday parties, Halloween, and more.Candy 5 poundsAssorted colors Assorted flavorsFat-free240 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Neon Stuffed Monkeys
    Neon Stuffed Monkeys

    Guests will go bananas for these Plush Neon Monkeys.Plush6"Neon coloredFX ExclusiveRetail Ready12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Stuffed Sea Turtles
    Stuffed Sea Turtles

    These Stuffed Sea Turtles come in a rainbow of colors.Plush5 1/4"Assorted colorsRecommended for ages 3+Retail ReadyEach piece bar coded12 pcs per unit24 units per case

  • Tootsie<sup>®</sup> Pops
    Tootsie® Pops

    Make life a little sweeter with an assortment of tasty Tootsie® Pops. CandyEach 1 1/4" sucker comes on a 3" stickAssorted colorsAssorted flavorsPeanut-freeGluten freeIndividually wrapped100 pcs per unit10 units per case• Made in the USA. Important Country of Origin Information: For certain items sold by Fun Express on our Web or Mobile sites, country of origin information can change and what is displayed may not be accurate or consistent with manufacturer information. For up to date country of origin information, it is recommended that you rely on product packaging or other manufacturer information.• Ingredient, nutrition, allergen and other product information are provided on our Web and Mobile sites for reference purpose only, without warranty or representation as to accuracy. Manufacturers adjust their labeling regularly and are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information. For general questions concerning these items, please contact our customer service at 800-875-8494.

  • Pink Lemonade Chews
    Pink Lemonade Chews

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Includes 240 individually-wrapped pink lemonade-flavored candies. Fat-Free. Total weight, 1 lb. 6 oz.

  • Twizzlers® Licorice
    Twizzlers® Licorice

    This bulk quantity of twizzlers is perfect for prize bins, candy shelves and giveaways.• (180 pcs./unit)• Size: 7"• Total wt., 4 lbs. 8 oz.• Strawberry flavor.• Individually wrapped.• Fat-free.

  • Icee® Popping Candy With Lollipops
    Icee® Popping Candy With Lollipops

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Icee® Popping Candy With Lollipops. Assorted lemonade, blue raspberry, cherry and green apple flavors. (18 pcs./unit, DB) Fat-free.