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Novelties and Candy (26 total)


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  • Holding Kittens Stuffed Cats
    Holding Kittens Stuffed Cats

    The cuteness of these cats is simply bursting with these feline parent and child duos. These plush cats and kittens make great gifts, giveaways and party favors for little ones who love kitty-cats.• Assorted.• Size: 6"• FX Exclusive

  • Plush Small Grumpy Cat<sup>®</sup>
    Plush Small Grumpy Cat®

    Who wouldn't want their own Grumpy Cat, the star of internet memes and the most viral of felines? This adorably peeved stuffed cat is a great addition to redemption center offerings. • Size: 7"• No style choice available.• All licensed products intended for amusement distribution only.• © Toy Factory, LLC

  • Sticky Cats
    Sticky Cats

    A must-have addition to kids' toys, these orange, white, black and purple Sticky Cats fit right in with other Halloween party favors. • Assorted.• Material: Vinyl.• (6 dz./unit)• Size: 8"• FX Exclusive

  • LED Cat Ear Headphones
    LED Cat Ear Headphones

    These adorable headphones make it look like the wearer has cat ears!• Material: Plastic.• Size: 7"• Includes 1 button cell battery.• Color choice not available.

  • Black Cat Character Suckers
    Black Cat Character Suckers

    Add these Black Cat Character Suckers to your candy buffet at your Halloween party for a sweet treat your guests will love.CandyIncludes a 1 3/4" sucker on a 4" plastic stick7 ounces total weightMulticolorMixed fruit flavoredIndividually wrappedFat-freeFX Exclusive12 pcs per unit48 units per case

  • Colorful Stuffed Cat Assortment
    Colorful Stuffed Cat Assortment

    Cuddle up with one of these Assorted Plush Cats.Plush3 3/4"Assorted colorsEach 3 3/4" cat comes with embroidered features and a button nose.Retail Ready12 pcs per unit48 units per case

  • Plastic White Cat iPhone® 4/4S Case
    Plastic White Cat iPhone® 4/4S Case

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. 2 1/2" x 5"

  • Exchange Mini Stuffed Animal Assortment
    Exchange Mini Stuffed Animal Assortment

    These gift-sized mini plush include a “To/From” tag on each one.Plush3 1/2"Assorted colorsAssortment may varyAccessories not includedFX ExclusiveRetail ReadyEach piece bar coded50 pcs per unit8 units per case

  • Christmas Red Nose Stuffed Cats
    Christmas Red Nose Stuffed Cats

    Dressed in a holiday hat and scarf, these stuffed cats are perfect for Christmas party favors and stocking stuffers.• Material: Plush. • Size: 5 1/2"

  • Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat™ Read Every Day! Bookmarks
    Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat™ Read Every Day! Bookmarks

    2" x 6". ™ & © 2005 Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. All Rights Reserved.

  • Princess Stuffed Kitties
    Princess Stuffed Kitties

    These royal plush cats are perfect for giveaways, party favors and prizes.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 5 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Halloween Arching Stuffed Cats
    Halloween Arching Stuffed Cats

    A spooktacular addition to Halloween party supplies, these bright scary-cute cats are ready for fright night!• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 5" x 4 3/4"• Retail Ready• 12 pcs per unit• 25 units per case

  • Scaredy Stuffed Cats
    Scaredy Stuffed Cats

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Frightfully fun, these cute kitties are a fun addition to Halloween party supplies and party favors.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Silly Face Stuffed Cats
    Silly Face Stuffed Cats

    Cuddly plush toys make fun party favors, prizes and gifts for children.• Assorted.• Size: 5"• FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Cat Action Figures
    Vinyl Cat Action Figures

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Assorted. (2 dz./unit) 1 1/2" - 2" x 1 1/2"

  • Cranky Stuffed Cats
    Cranky Stuffed Cats

    Shop today for these plush cats. Fans of this online favorite will love this plush gift, especially when paired with other accessories and chocolates. A great choice for birthday party favors and gifts for kids or adults.• Material: Plush. • Size: 5 1/2"• Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded.• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Valentine Embroidered Stuffed Kittens
    Valentine Embroidered Stuffed Kittens

    These adorable cats are a purr-fect addition to offerings for Valentine's Day gifts.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"• Each with embroidered details.

  • Halloween Glow Bracelets with Card
    Halloween Glow Bracelets with Card

    Glow sticks are great sugar-free alternatives to Halloween candy.• Includes twenty four 8" glow bracelets, twenty four 1" plastic connectors and twenty four 8 1/4" x 5 1/2" paper cards with To/From space.• Simple assembly required. • FX Exclusive

  • Vinyl Cat Rubber Duckies
    Vinyl Cat Rubber Duckies

    Let children have fun while bathing with this adorable cat-shaped rubber ducky set. They can also be given away as party favors.• Assorted.• Material: Vinyl.• Size: 2"• Duckies do not float upright.• FX Exclusive

  • Inflatable Space Cat Pool Float
    Inflatable Space Cat Pool Float

    Add this out-of-this-world pool float to your summer supplies. It combines most people's favorite things, the galaxy and cats!• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 50".• Retail-Ready• FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed Cats
    Stuffed Cats

    These cute cats are purr-fect party favors.• Assorted.• Material: Plush.• Size: 4 1/2"

  • Stuffed Animal Hand Puppets
    Stuffed Animal Hand Puppets

    Create a pretend zoo with these 8 1/4" plush puppets for kids.Velour8 1/4"Assorted colorsAssorted styles include arms and legsWith elephants, pigs, zebras, tigers and other jungle and other animalsEach piece bar codedRetail Ready12 pcs per unit10 units per case

  • EmojiCats Stress Toys
    EmojiCats Stress Toys

    These stress toys make great off-the-wall party favors that will give friends and co-workers a giggle.• Assorted.• Material: Foam.• Size: 3"• 12 pcs./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Stuffed Animal Hand Puppets
    Stuffed Animal Hand Puppets

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Plush Animal Hand Puppets. Assorted styles. 7" x 8"

  • Halloween Black Stuffed Cats
    Halloween Black Stuffed Cats

    These fluffy Halloween Black Cats make cute Halloween gifts for a school carnival or birthday party.• Material: Plush.• Size: 6"• Retail-Ready• Each Piece Bar Coded

  • Inflatable Cat Assortment
    Inflatable Cat Assortment

    These adorable cats make excellent prizes and gifts for the cat lady (or cat person).• Material: Vinyl.• Size: Inflated, 8" x 16" x 19-1/2".• Assortment may vary.• FX Exclusive