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  • Novelty Button Assortment
    Novelty Button Assortment

    This button assortment is an on-trend addition to accessories.• Material: Metal.• (2 dz./unit)• Size: 2"• Assortment may vary.• FX Exclusive

  • Sweet Treat Squishies
    Sweet Treat Squishies

    Hand these slow rising squishies out as party favors, include them in swag bags or hand them out as stress relievers. Great for Valentine's Day.• Assorted.• Material: Foam.• Size: 2 1/4"

  • Junk Food Squishies
    Junk Food Squishies

    These slow-rising burgers, hot dogs, donuts and ice cream cones make a great addition to party favors, carnival prizes, stress relievers and giveaways.• Assorted.• Material: Foam.• Size: 1 1/4" - 3 3/4"

  • Pineapple Squishies
    Pineapple Squishies

    Add these slow rising squishies to offerings for stress relievers, luau party favors and fun keychains.• Material: Foam.• Size: 2 3/4"

  • Kids' Baking Hats
    Kids' Baking Hats

    Perfect party favors for a birthday party full of aspiring bakers and chefs.• Material: Poly-cotton.• Size: 12" x 22" circ.

  • Fast Food Coin Purses
    Fast Food Coin Purses

    Yum! Grab a bite and keep change in order with these little pouches. Featuring hot dogs, pizza and burgers, these zipper bags are great as prizes, giveaways and party favors.• Assorted.• Material: Polyester.• Size: 3 1/2" - 4 3/4" x 2" - 3 1/2"• Retail-Ready

  • Tropical Fruit Keychains
    Tropical Fruit Keychains

    Outfitted in funky shades, these fun Tropical Fruit Keychains are a great addition to party favors or giveaways at a beach-themed celebration. • Assorted.• Material: Rubber. • Size: 2 1/2" on a 1" metal ring.• FX Exclusive

  • Donut Party Sprinkles Slap Bracelets
    Donut Party Sprinkles Slap Bracelets

    Assorted. Metal. 9 1/2" x 1" FX Exclusive

  • Rainbow Cake Necklaces
    Rainbow Cake Necklaces

    Place Rainbow Cake Necklaces in party favor bags at birthday parties to delight guests. Rainbow Cake Necklaces can also be used for classroom rewards or inexpensive student gifts.• Material: Metal. • Size: 3/4" x 1" charm on a 24" chain.• FX Exclusive

  • Cupcake Pill Puzzle Rings
    Cupcake Pill Puzzle Rings

    Designed to look like cupcakes, each plastic ring includes tiny metal balls and spaces for you to navigate the balls into. Perfect party favors for theme birthdays.• Assorted.• Material: Plastic.• (2 dz./unit)• Size: 1 1/4"

  • Tropical Fun Charms
    Tropical Fun Charms

    Trendy tropical charms that are perfect for creating wine glass markers and handmade jewelry party favors for lucky luau guests.• Assorted.• Material: Metal.• Size: 20mm• FX Exclusive

  • Donut Party Dog Tag Necklaces
    Donut Party Dog Tag Necklaces

    These colorful Donut Party Dog Tag Necklaces are a fantastic way to sprinkle some fun into donut party favor bags.• Assorted.• Material: Metal.• Each 1 1/4" x 2" metal dog tag is on a 24" beaded chain.• 12 pcs./unit• FX Exclusive

  • Fast Food Derby Hats
    Fast Food Derby Hats

    These derby hats are fun and tasty party favors at banquets, restaurant promotional events and buffets.• Assorted.• Material: Plastic. • Size: 24" circ.• FX Exclusive

  • Donut Keychain Squishies
    Donut Keychain Squishies

    Donut lovers will never lose their keys again with their favorite sweet as a squishy keychain. Great stress relivers.• Assorted.• Material: Foam. • Size: 2" diam. with 1" metal ring.• Each Piece Bar Coded• Retail-Ready

  • Pizza Necklaces
    Pizza Necklaces

    Great for birthday party favors, these Pizza Necklaces look cute worn by pepperoni pie aficionados.• Each 30" nylon necklace includes a 1 1/4" rubber pizza charm and plastic breakaway clasp.• FX Exclusive

  • Taco Coin Purses
    Taco Coin Purses

    Fun party favors, giveaways and rewards for taco lovers.• Material: Polyester.• Size: 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"• FX Exclusive

  • Donut Party Rubber Bracelets
    Donut Party Rubber Bracelets

    These multi-colored bracelets are dipped in a design of sugary sprinkles, making them a sweet addition to birthday party supplies. • Assorted.• Material: Rubber. • Size: 7 1/4" circ.• FX Exclusive

  • Poly Non-woven Pop-Out Fruit Tote Bags
    Poly Non-woven Pop-Out Fruit Tote Bags

    Retail-Ready: Each piece, package, box, or polybag with header bar coded. Assorted. The bag folds into the fruit-shaped drawstring corner. Each piece bar coded. 14 1/4" x 16 1/2" with 11" handles. Poly non-woven. FX Exclusive

  • Apple Charm Bracelet Craft Kit
    Apple Charm Bracelet Craft Kit

    Apple Charm Bracelet Craft Kit. Go back to school with this fun fashion accessory! Includes 3/8" plastic beads, 3/4" enamel charms on a 12" stretchy cord. Instructions included.